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Today I learned the following:

Commenting on a Livejournal post expressing disagreement is trolling. No attack needs to be made, nor does any implication of the post being 'dumb' need to occur. Simply disagreeing and explaining why will suffice.

If I am white, and I express any sort of opinion at all, I am "jizzing" my "privilege" all over the place. One must be currently oppressed, or have been oppressed in the recent past, to have a valid opinion.

It is not racist for someone to read something I wrote, then dismiss it entirely while making sure to mention that I'm white, as that fact obviously negates any possible validity my post may have had. In fact, by calling me white, the person is simply stating the well known fact that all white people are ethnocentric racist bigots, and as such, anything any of us write, say, or believe is apparently invalid because of this fact. (I assume that's the implication, at least, otherwise why throw in the word "white" into a list of insults about my post?)

From this, I can assume that hating white people (or at least dismissing any sort of primarily white Western culture as entirely offensive) is the minimum that a person can do and still live a conscionable life.


This is urgent information for all the white people I know. Pass it on to your white friends, as soon as possible. The colored folk saw through our facade of tolerance! They know how racist we really are! They realized that all our "progressiveness" was a trick to distract them, while we systematically appropriated and destroyed their culture! Quick! We have to ruin their history and beliefs faster! We have to steal their culture and force our own, superior culture onto them, to remove their sense of identity! What they want doesn't matter, we have all the control, here. They and their culture will be assimilated and destroyed! We've got them convinced, for the moment, that they're lower than we are, more base than us white people, less worthy than the mighty Caucasian race. If they'll start thinking they're our equals, we'll be in danger of losing our White way of life!

Our privilege must be protected at all costs!

Remember, fellow white people: When you see someone who is not white (this includes Irish, they're only fake-white), steal their culture immediately. It can be tricky, but if you do it right, they'll instantly collapse to the ground, drooling and babbling incoherently. Within a few days they should die from exposure.

We'll defeat the non-white threat yet!

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